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Instant Data Scraper Review & Alternatives 2024: Main Features and Use Cases

Instant Data Scraper is a tool for automated data extraction from web pages, and exporting data to Excel or CSV files. It uses AI to predict relevant data on HTML pages and offers customization options for crawling speed and pagination. 

Users can preview and filter extracted data before exporting. It’s suitable for various users, including researchers, marketers, recruiters, and growth hackers.

Let’s find out more about the main features, use cases, and alternatives of Instant Data Scraper: 

Instant Data Scraper Review

Instant Data Scraper features

Here are some key features of Instant Data Scraper:

  • – AI-based data detection: Uses AI to predict and detect relevant data on HTML pages without the need for website-specific scripts.
  • – Dynamic data detection: Recognizes when dynamic data has loaded on web pages, ensuring comprehensive extraction.
  • – Customizable crawling speed: Allows users to customize delay and maximum wait time for desired crawling speed.
  • – Pagination support: Supports pagination on websites, enabling seamless extraction of data spread across multiple pages.
  • – Automatic navigation: Automatically navigates to the next page via buttons or links for continuous data extraction.
  • – Infinite scrolling support: Capable of handling infinite scrolling on websites for uninterrupted data extraction.
  • – Data preview and export: Provides a preview of extracted data with copy and paste support, allowing users to verify before exporting to an Excel spreadsheet or CSV file.
  • – Column renaming and filtering: Enables users to rename and filter extracted data columns for better organization and analysis.

Instant Data Scraper use cases

Instant Data Scraper caters to a variety of use cases across industries and professions. Here are some common scenarios where it can be used:

  • – Lead generation: Ideal for companies, freelancers, and growth hackers seeking easy ways to collect leads.
  • – Recruitment: Useful for recruiters in search of job candidates by scraping relevant data from job boards.
  • – Market research: Enables the collection of product pricing data from e-commerce websites and reviews and ratings from various platforms.
  • – Sales and marketing: Supports email and contact information extraction from directories and professional association websites for sales and marketing campaigns.
  • – Social media analysis: Carries out the analysis of social media posts for engagement metrics such as likes, comments, connections, and contacts.
  • – Competitor analysis: Helps Amazon sellers, distributors, and review analysts gather competitive intelligence.

Instant Data Scraper alternative- Hexofy

Hexofy is a premium alternative to Instant Data Scraper, offering advanced features. With Hexofy, users can download the extension and scrape any webpage they want in just one click.

Moreover, Hexofy goes beyond traditional web scraping tools by doubling up as an AI assistant. The latter uses the data present on a specific page to complete various tasks in seconds. Whether it’s scraping data or performing advanced operations, Hexofy’s intuitive interface and powerful capabilities make it a top choice for users who are looking for efficiency and versatility.

Instant Data Scraper Alternative

Let’s have a look at more advantages you gain with Hexofy:

  • One-click data capture: Hexofy simplifies the data extraction process with its one-click capture feature. No more need for complex setups or configurations.
  • Wide range of supported websites: With support for over 35 popular websites, including LinkedIn, Amazon, Twitter, and Google, Hexofy ensures users can scrape data from their favorite platforms with ease.
  • Custom scraping recipes: Users have the flexibility to create their own scraping recipes using Hexofy’s simple point-and-click scraping recipe builder.
  • Integration with Google Sheets: Hexofy allows users to save scraped data directly to Google Sheets with just one click for more effective data management and analysis.
  • AI Assistant: Hexofy takes web scraping to the next level by integrating with ChatGPT. This allows users to automate tasks and perform various operations based on the data extracted from a specific page. 
  • Done-for-you web scraping services: For users who prefer a hands-off approach, Hexofy offers done-for-you web scraping services through, providing customized solutions tailored to specific requirements.

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