Simplescraper Review

Simplescraper Review 2024: Main Features, Use Cases & Alternatives

SimpleScraper is a Chrome extension designed for web scraping. It allows users to select data on a webpage and instantly extract it. The data extracted can be downloaded directly or sent to various third-party applications such as Google Sheets, Airtable, Zapier, and more. 

Besides, SimpleScraper offers the functionality to create automated scraping “recipes” that can be set to run on a predefined schedule, facilitating regular data collection tasks without manual intervention.

Let’s have a closer look at this Chrome extension and find out its main features, use cases, and powerful alternatives.

Simplescraper Review

Main features of Simplescraper

  • – Visual data selection: Users can interact directly with a webpage to visually choose the specific data they wish to extract, allowing for instant data scraping without the need for complex coding.
  • – Direct download: The extension enables users to download the scraped data immediately, offering a straightforward way to access and utilize the collected information.
  • – Integration with third-party applications: It facilitates seamless integration with popular applications such as Google Sheets, Airtable, and Zapier. This feature allows users to automatically send their scraped data to these platforms for further processing or analysis.
  • – Automated scraping recipes: SimpleScraper allows the creation of custom scraping tasks, known as “recipes,” that can be scheduled to run automatically. This automation ensures regular data collection without manual effort.
  • – Multi-page and multi-site scraping: The tool is capable of extracting data across multiple pages and sites, making it ideal for comprehensive web research and data-gathering projects.
  • – Bypassing login pages: It offers the ability to navigate past login screens to access and scrape data from restricted areas of websites, expanding the range of accessible information.
  • – Proxy rotation and CAPTCHA solving: To ensure uninterrupted scraping activities, SimpleScraper can rotate proxies and automatically solve CAPTCHAs, helping to maintain access to data sources without manual intervention.
  • – Duplicate data avoidance: It avoids collecting the same data multiple times, ensuring that the data set remains clean and efficient to process.

Main use cases of Simplescraper

Here are some of the most common Simplescraper use cases:

– Keeping an eye on competitors: Businesses can easily check competitors’ prices and what customers are saying about them online. This helps stay competitive without spending hours on research.

– Finding stuff to write about: Writers and bloggers can gather fresh ideas and news from various websites. It’s like having a personal newsfeed tailored to what you need for your next piece.

– Building contact lists: Sales teams can quickly pull together lists of potential leads from online directories, making it easier to reach out to new clients.

– Helping with school projects: Students can collect data for projects or papers without having to manually go through dozens of websites.

– Analyzing the real estate market: Real estate folks can keep track of new listings and price changes on different properties, which is great for finding deals or understanding market trends.

– Watching social media trends: Marketers can track what people are saying about their brand or industry on social media, helping them stay one step ahead.

– Improving website visibility: SEO experts can see what keywords competitors are using and how they’re doing it, making it easier to boost their own site’s ranking.

– Automating tedious tasks: Instead of manually gathering data for reports, businesses can automate this process, saving tons of time and making sure nothing is missed.

Simplescraper alternative- Hexofy

Simplescraper alternative

Hexofy is a great alternative to Simplescraper, offering a suite of advanced features designed to enhance the web scraping experience. It simplifies the process of data extraction, allowing users to gather information from any webpage with just one simple click!

Key advantages of Hexofy:

  • – One-click data capture: Just click once, and Hexofy pulls data from any webpage you’re looking at. It’s quick and saves you a lot of effort.
  • – Broad website support: Whether it’s LinkedIn, Amazon, Twitter, or Google, Hexofy works with over 35 popular sites. This means you can easily get data from places you visit often.
  • – Custom scraping recipes: Hexofy elevates customization with its point-and-click scraping recipe builder. Users can craft tailored scraping recipes to meet their precise data extraction needs.
  • – Google Sheets integration: Hexofy lets you save the gathered data straight to Google Sheets with one click, making it easy to keep track of everything.
  • – AI Assistant feature: Hexofy has an AI assistant that lets you ask questions or do tasks directly on the webpage you’re viewing, no need to switch back and forth.
  • – Personalized scraping services: For those seeking expert assistance, Hexofy extends its offerings to include customized web scraping services through This done-for-you service promises personalized solutions tailored to individual requirements, handled by professionals.

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