Web Scraper Review Review 2024: Main Features, Use Cases & Alternatives is a browser extension available for Chrome and Firefox designed for scraping data from web pages. It offers a user-friendly point-and-click interface, simplifying the setup and execution of scrapers directly within your browser. 

With, you can extract data from dynamic web pages and save it in CSV, XLSX, and JSON formats. While suitable for educational purposes and small-scale projects, Webscraper does have limitations. It lacks support for proxy integration, which can be problematic when dealing with anti-scraping measures on large websites. 

In this review, let’s find out what main features, use cases, and alternatives this tool has. Review 2024

Main features of

  • – Point-and-click interface: Uses a user-friendly interface with point-and-click functionality for easy configuration of scrapers.
  • – Data extraction: Scrapes data from websites using a point-and-click interface, allowing users to extract data from dynamic web pages and sites with multiple levels of navigation.
  • – JavaScript handling: Capable of handling JavaScript sites, ensuring accurate data extraction from dynamic web pages.
  • – Sitemaps customization: Allows users to customize data extraction using sitemaps, adapting to different site structures for effective scraping.
  • – Export formats: Supports export of scraped data in CSV, XLSX, and JSON formats, providing flexibility in data storage and analysis.

Main use cases of

  • – Market research: can be used to gather pricing data, product information, and customer reviews from competitor websites.
  • – Lead generation: Businesses can extract contact information, such as email addresses and phone numbers, from business directories and social media platforms using
  • – Price monitoring: allows users to track changes in product prices and stock levels over time, providing valuable insights for competitive intelligence and pricing strategies.
  • – Real estate analysis: can scrape real estate listings, property details, and housing market trends.
  • – Product catalog management: E-commerce businesses can extract product details and images from their own websites or competitors’ sites using

Hexofy as a premium alternative to

Hexofy is a premium alternative to with its advanced features designed to elevate the web scraping experience. With Hexofy, users can scrape any webpage they want with just one click, saving their precious time and energy.

Hexofy as a premium alternative

Here are the advantages of Hexofy:

  • One-click data capture: With Hexofy, you can extract data from any webpage with just a single click, making the process fast and easy.
  • Wide range of supported websites: Hexofy supports over 35 popular websites, including LinkedIn, Amazon, Twitter, and Google. This extensive coverage ensures you can scrape data from your favorite platforms without any difficulties.
  • Custom scraping recipes: Tailor your scraping process to suit your specific needs with Hexofy’s point-and-click scraping recipe builder. Create custom recipes, putting you in control of your data extraction.
  • Integration with Google Sheets: Save scraped data directly to Google Sheets with just one click. 
  • AI assistant: Hexofy offers a unique AI assistant feature.  With Hexofy’s AI assistant, users can carry out tasks directly on any web page without the need to copy and paste data into ChatGPT for analysis or interaction. Simply open the browser extension while browsing the web page and ask questions or perform tasks based on the data found on that page.
  • Done-for-you web scraping services: Hexofy offers customized web scraping services through Let the experts handle your scraping needs, delivering personalized solutions tailored to your requirements.

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