The best places to find fresh B2B leads in 2023

The best places to find fresh B2B leads in 2023

If you’ve tried finding leads for your business before, you know the drill…

You’ve tried lead databases, you’ve bought email lists, and you’ve even spent hours on manual research only to end up with a big ol’ plate of frustration and stale leads.

It’s like eating a taco without any hot sauce – it just doesn’t feel right.

You see, most lead databases and lists rely on periodic web scraping of websites like LinkedIn, Crunchbase, and Google, which makes it easy to get a ton of leads, but can leave you with out-of-date leads and hearing crickets in your inbox.

It’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack, and it’s incredibly frustrating. 

But…. What if we cut out the middleman and go straight to the source?

In this tutorial, we are going to show you how you can tap into LinkedIn, Clutch, Crunchbase, ProductHunt, Google Search, and Google Maps to shower your business with fresh, juicy leads in minutes using Hexofy. No coding or complex software required!

To start finding fresh leads, you need to have a account and install the browser extension to your browser.  

Where to find fresh B2B leads in 2023?

1. LinkedIn

First up let’s find leads from LinkedIn. The latter is where most B2B databases get their data to resell to you and hundreds of thousands of marketers fishing in the same pond.

With Hexofy, you can easily research leads and capture up-to-date information from unlimited LinkedIn profiles in just minutes. 

Here are the steps you should take to find the leads on LinkedIn:

  • 🔸 Simply perform a search on LinkedIn
  • 🔸 Click on the Hexofy extension
  • 🔸 Download the file with fresh leads in CSV format or save it to a Google Sheet. No more wasted time on outdated leads!

2. is like a B2B treasure map, leading you straight to thousands of service providers which you can narrow down by industry, speciality, and location. Using the Hexofy browser extension makes finding leads a delightful game of connect-the-dots, where each dot reveals a new opportunity just waiting to be discovered right into Google Sheets.

The process of finding leads on is simple. 3 steps of searching, clicking on the Hexofy extension, and saving to Google Sheets, and your valuable data is ready for review!

3. Crunchbase

Crunchbase is like having a crystal ball into the startup world, revealing the latest and greatest companies before they skyrocket to success. It turns the task of finding fresh, recently funded prospects that are in full growth mode into a thrilling scavenger hunt, where every newly funded company is a shiny, promising treasure waiting to be unearthed.

You need to follow the same easy process with Hexofy to find fresh leads on Crunchbase. Simply go to the product page, click on the Hexofy extension, and save the results to a Google Sheet. Hexofy will scrape all the important company data from Crunchbase, including company name, description, location, industry, number of employees, and more. 

4. ProductHunt

Every day, new startups are launching their products, making ProductHunt the Willy Wonka factory of startups, where each new find feels like unwrapping a golden ticket.

With Hexofy, you can! 

Simply go to ProductHunt, and at a click of a button, get all the latest products in a convenient Google Sheet format, ready for you to start prospecting.

5. Google

Google is the ultimate resource because it’s like having a know-it-all friend who doesn’t judge you for asking ridiculous questions at 3 AM! Such as looking for B2B businesses, affiliates, influencers, or just about any type of service.

Local businesses can provide an endless source of business leads, but finding accurate contact information and addresses can feel like an uphill battle.

With Hexofy, you can simply perform a search on Google Search and Google Maps and collect fresh local leads that will help your business thrive in any industry.

So, there you have it, folks! Say goodbye to stale leads and hello to an overflowing pipeline with fresh leads from LinkedIn, Clutch, Crunchbase, ProductHunt, Google Search, and Google Maps!

Best of all, with Hexofy you can capture all these results in seconds to Google Sheets.

Capture data from any page, like magic.

Get started free by installing our super simple to use browser extensions.

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