6 Best TikTok web scraping tools to get data from Tik Tok

6 Best TikTok scraper tools to get data from Tik Tok

TikTok is no longer a new kid on the web with 1,7 billion monthly active users, expected to reach two billion by the end of 2024. This video-sharing platform is filled with a collection of videos that belong to various genres. Some people use TikTok to show their dancing skills, while others want to share their stunning travel videos or just scroll and discover the trends of the world.

If you are also a vlogger or brand marketer, you definitely consider analyzing the data on TikTok. For instance, gathering data such as video links, hashtags, and shares. number of comments, and more. 

Wouldn’t it be great to discover the strategies of your competitors or learn about the latest trends?!

Well, it is possible now to extract the required data from TikTok with the help of TikTok web scraping tools

In this article, we will show you how to scrape TikTok data in just a few minutes without the need for any coding skills. We will also recommend the 6 best TikTok scrapers in the market. Simply choose the one that you like more and start scraping TikTok data!

How to scrape TikTok data? Web scraping tools vs. Python

Python is one of the most commonly used programming languages of 2022. It is comparatively easier to understand and code.

However, when it comes to the choice between scraping a website with Python or a TikTok scraping tool, beginners and non-tech-savvy people prefer implementing scraping tools. 

The main advantage of web scrapers is that you won’t have to dive into codes and implement third-party libraries to scrape TikTok. All you have to do is follow the simple steps mentioned for each TikTok scraper and the TikTok account will be scraped in minutes!

Collecting data with the best TikTok scraper: Step-by-step guide

Extracting data from platforms like TikTok or any other website might seem dull and time-consuming if you’re considering the coding method. However, for those not well-versed in coding, there’s a convenient solution: ready-made tools like Hexofy, one of the best web scraping tools. 

With user-friendly interfaces and powerful functionalities, this tool simplifies the process, making web scraping accessible even for non-coders. Now, delving into data extraction tasks doesn’t require advanced programming skills, thanks to web scrapers.

1. Download the Hexofy extension

To get started, you need to have a account and install the browser extension to your browser.  

Hexofy as Tiktok scraper

2. Browse TikTok and activate Hexofy

Browse TikTok and find the page you want to scrape. Then, click on the Hexofy extension from your toolbar to start the scraping process. It takes a few seconds to extract the data from TikTok and showcase the results.

Tiktok scraping process

3. Save the results

After scraping the page, you can download TikTok data or save the results into a Google spreadsheet by clicking on the button “Export to Google Sheets”

Tiktok scraping results

Other popular TikTok scrapers

There are other great TikTok scrapers you can use based on your needs and preferences. Below we have collected 5 popular tools for you to consider:

1. Phantombuster

PhantomBuster for TIkTok scraping

This software is one of the best solutions for gathering data from TikTok videos and integrating it into CRM. The software enables the extraction of diverse data from TikTok, allowing anyone to perform in-depth analysis, study, and comparison with competitors’ TikTok data. 

Phantombuster operates entirely in the cloud, eliminating the need for downloading any additional tools. Similar to Hexofy, its user-friendly interface ensures that no coding skills are required, simplifying the process of collecting data from TikTok and other websites. 

2. ScraperAPI

ScraperAPI for TikTok scraping

This scraping tool simplifies the data extraction process by requiring only the URL of the target site. It utilizes retargeting JS rendering and residential proxies, ensuring anonymity during scraping activities.

This web scraping tool also allows anyone to scrape huge data in seconds and offers unlimited bandwidth.

The tool has a free trial version, so you can try it before making your final decision.

3. Apify

Apify for TikTok scraping

This advanced web scraping tool provides an automated approach to various tasks across popular platforms, including TikTok. With its capabilities, it allows users to extract a diverse range of TikTok data, encompassing hashtags, user profiles, posts, comments, shares, and more.

One of its standout features is its flexibility in data output. Extracted data can be conveniently downloaded in various formats like Excel, HTML, XML, JSON, and CSV, enabling users to analyze and utilize the data according to their specific needs.

4. Scrapestorm

Scrapestorm for TikTok scraping

This user-friendly data scraping tool is another popular choice among non-coders. It simplifies the data extraction process through embedded visual click operations, making it accessible to users without coding expertise.

Scraperstorm supports both desktop and cloud-based operations, providing flexibility in data extraction methods. The tool is also compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems, ensuring accessibility to a wide range of users regardless of their preferred platform.

5. Bright Data

Bright Data for TikTok scraping

Bright Data provides a comprehensive suite of tools for scraping TikTok, catering to various user needs and preferences. Among their offerings are Web Unlocker, Web Scraper IDE, and Datasets. Each tool is designed to provide a unique approach to web scraping, ensuring versatility and effectiveness in collecting TikTok data for analysis and research purposes.

The main disadvantage of Bright Data is that its services are expensive, with subscription-based plans starting at $500.

Frequently asked questions

Is it easy to use a TikTok web scraper?

Yes! Using a TikTok web scraper is super easy. You don’t need to have any coding experience to use web scrapers. All you have to do is follow the simple steps required for the web scraper tool you’ve chosen and the TikTok data will be gathered in no time. 

How to scrape TikTok videos?

Most TikTok scrapers have the capability of scraping a TikTok profile and a separate video. For instance, Hexofy can be used for both cases. After scraping the TikTok video with Hexofy, you’ll gather data, such as the video URL, the number of likes, and the profile-related data, including the profile name, subtitle, and the number of followers.

How long does it take to get data from TikTok?

Usually, it depends on the TikTok scraper you are using. Some scrapers are fast, while others may take a little longer to scrape the TikTok data. For instance, it takes a few seconds for Hexofy to scrape TikTok data. 

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