How to create original product descriptions using Hexofy AI

How to create original product descriptions using Hexofy AI

Effective product descriptions play a crucial role in your online store’s success, offering benefits just as vital as quality images and a user-friendly website. Original descriptions not only enhance the overall customer experience but also improve your store’s credibility, and search engine rankings, and increase conversions for your website’s visitors.

In fact, the data from an eCommerce study conducted by Nielsen Norman Group reveals that a significant 20% of failed purchase attempts can be because of insufficient or irrelevant information within product descriptions.

In this article, we will show you how to create original product descriptions with the help of AI-powered tools, such as Hexofy AI. The latter will not only help you get product descriptions perfect for your products but will also save you time and effort by streamlining the processes.

Why is a good product description so important?

An effective product description increases sales on your website. When customers are well-informed and establish a connection with your product through the description, their likelihood of making a purchase significantly rises. Essentially, your product description acts as your sales pitch. It is one of the crucial final steps in a consumer’s decision-making process.

Moreover, a well-crafted product description serves as a reflection of your brand and caters to your target audience. It plays a crucial role in bridging the gap between your brand identity and the preferences of your customers.

Additionally, a strong product description contributes to the improved search engine ranking of your online shop. As more visitors discover your website, you’ll experience an upsurge in both traffic and sales. Elevated conversion rates send a positive signal to search engines like Google, affirming the quality of your website, and subsequently leading to higher rankings. Compelling and informative text within your product descriptions plays an important role in achieving this.

How to get original product descriptions?

You can create original product descriptions with the help of Hexofy’s AI assistant. The latter will allow you to streamline your production processes and generate product descriptions in seconds without wasting your time.

To show you how you can use Hexofy AI to create original product descriptions, we have included the main steps in this article. Read on and take the steps mentioned below:

But before starting the content creation process make sure you have the Hexofy extension downloaded in your browser.

Step 1: Select the product

Search for the same or similar product on the web. You can use one of the most popular eCommerce platforms Amazon to find the product. Simply visit the platform and search for the product by writing its name in the search toolbar, or by navigating through category pages.

For this article, we will create a product description for iPhone 13.  

Amazon product description

Step 2: Activate Hexofy AI

Once you’re on the product page, you should click on the Hexofy extension and choose the AI assistant option.

Here is where the magic happens!

With the help of the AI assistant, you can complete so many tasks based on the existing information on the product page.

Write a custom prompt about creating an original product description based on the existing data, and the AI assistant will generate a text tailored to your product.

For this example, we have used the following custom prompt. You can use the same or create another one based on your needs and requirements:

“Act as a content writer and write a unique product description based on the provided text. Make sure the text is written in a human tone and includes at least 1 list.” 

As a result, you will get a unique product description that includes all your requirements! 

Step 3: Copy or regenerate

Did you like the generated text? Copy it in just one click and use it for your website. 

Didn’t like the text? No need to worry! Click on the regenerate button and the AI assistant will create a new product description for you in seconds!

This is how you can create your own product descriptions using Amazon product descriptions as your data. It requires just a few minutes from you to generate texts that will help you improve search results and increase sales.

It’s important to note that Hexofy offers a versatile range of capabilities beyond crafting product descriptions. You can use the AI assistant whenever you require process optimization. 

Other use cases of Hexofy AI

Here are several use cases that can prove highly beneficial for you:

Summarizing the text

You can easily summarize any product description with a single click. Just input the product listing and select the “Summarize” button. The AI assistant will generate a concise summary of the text in a matter of seconds.

Writing an ad copy

Generating an ad copy within seconds is a breeze with the AI assistant. To get an ad copy for your product, visit the product page and employ your customized prompt, like so:

“Act as a copywriter and write a captivating and short ad copy for the following product:” 

Generating a social media post

Generating a social media post for your various social platforms is super easy with Hexofy AI. Just visit the product page and click on the “Social Post” button. The AI assistant will create a compelling social media post for your product, streamlining your content creation process.

Product description social post
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