How to find talking points on LinkedIn using Hexofy AI

How to find talking points on LinkedIn using Hexofy AI

Imagine attending a bustling network event in order to make connections that could change your career path. You look around, and there they are- professionals from various industries, each with an interesting success story and expertise that can shape your career. 

Although it might sound exciting, it’s also a little intimidating, isn’t it? How will you start a conversation with them that will impress them?

Well, here is where the magic of “talking points” comes to rescue you. Whether you’re trying to connect with professionals online or in person, talking points are the conversational gems, the perfect icebreakers that can turn each encounter into a valuable connection!

But why are talking points so much more important on LinkedIn than in any other place?

The main reason for this is that LinkedIn is the largest digital networking event where specialists from various industries gather to share knowledge with each other, explore opportunities, and make connections. Discovering how to start conversations on LinkedIn is like having a treasure map to navigate through a bustling marketplace.

In this article, we will dive deeper into the art of finding the right talking points on LinkedIn and in person, which will become the secret sauce for your success! 

How to find talking points on LinkedIn 

It’s easy to find talking points on LinkedIn thanks to the information people share with others.  

Tools like Hexofy will make this process even faster with the help of AI assistance. Simply pick a profile and use AI to find talking points. 

Here is what you can ask Hexofy’s AI assistant instead of trying to find the relevant information on your own. This will save you time, which you can use for other important tasks:

  • – Find me talking points with [person’s name]
  • – What role would suit [person’s name]
  • – Create a few humorous icebreakers based on [person’s name] profile
  • – Highlight recent achievements of [person’s name]
  • – Find shared connections with [person’s name]

First, open the Hexofy extension on the profile you want to find talking points with. Then, choose the AI assistant option and use one of the above-mentioned examples. 

You can be more specific and create a more detailed prompt for each case. 

1. Find me talking points with [person’s name]

Imagine having a tool at your disposal that generates personalized conversation starters for each person you connect with on LinkedIn. Hexofy AI makes this a reality by providing you with tailored talking points, simplifying your LinkedIn interactions.

To access these personalized conversation starters, simply visit the profile page of the person you’re interested in connecting with and click on the Hexofy extension located in your toolbar. It’s your key to navigating LinkedIn with ease and making meaningful connections.

Then, choose the AI assistant option and copy-paste the prompt into the relevant field. In a few seconds, you will have more than 10 talking points generated based on the LinkedIn data. 

In the example below, Hexofy found 15 talking points from the existing data on LinkedIn:

2. What role would suit [person’s name]

On LinkedIn, connecting with someone often goes beyond casual conversation; you may also be eager to gain insights into their career journey and aspirations.

Hexofy AI can help you uncover the ideal roles and positions that would align with your connection’s career goals. Armed with this valuable information, you can engage in meaningful discussions about their desired roles and even offer insightful recommendations to support their career aspirations.

3. Create a few humorous icebreakers based on [person’s name] profile

Initiating a conversation on LinkedIn doesn’t always have to follow the traditional business formalities. Injecting a bit of humor can be an excellent strategy for building rapport and making a lasting impression.

With Hexofy AI, we can craft humorous icebreakers personalized to the individual’s LinkedIn profile. These clever conversation starters not only highlight your creativity but also demonstrate your thoughtfulness in starting engaging conversations.

4. Highlight recent achievements of [person’s name]

Hexofy AI excels at identifying and highlighting recent accomplishments and milestones featured on a LinkedIn profile. You can initiate conversations that genuinely celebrate your connection’s successes. 

This personalized approach not only fosters a deeper connection but also demonstrates your support and interest in their professional journey.

Frequently asked questions about LinkedIn

How to find relevant talking topics on LinkedIn?

Finding relevant talking topics on LinkedIn is easy as you can find information on a person’s profile and discover what common interests you have. To make this process even faster you can use AI-powered tools such as Hexofy. The latter will allow you to perform tasks, such as finding relevant talking points, shared knowledge, etc., based on the existing LinkedIn data.

How to add a resume to LinkedIn?

To upload your resume on LinkedIn, follow these steps:

  1. From any page on LinkedIn, locate and click on the “Jobs” icon located in the top bar.
  2. On the left sidebar, you will see a section called “Application settings.” Click on it.
  3. You will find an oval button labeled “Upload resume.” Click on this button.
  4. A file picker will appear, allowing you to select the correct resume file from your device. Choose the resume you want to upload.

How do you end a conversation on LinkedIn nicely?

Ending a conversation on LinkedIn in a polite and professional manner is important to leave a positive impression and maintain good networking etiquette. 

When you end a conversation, don’t forget to express gratitude for the interaction. Thank the person for their time, or any assistance they provided during the conversation.

Before ending the conversation, it’s also important to recap the key points and takeaways from the conversation. This will make sure that both of you are on the same page.

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